Amsterdam – Mike’s Bike Tour – Albert Cuypmarkt

IamsterdamSince biking is one of the most essential activities for the Dutch, we decided to spend most of the day biking with a group of travelers by joining Mike’s Bike Tour in Amsterdam. Our informative Dutch guide showed us the city by leading us around the main sights of Amsterdam. After the bike tour, we visited the largest market in Amsterdam – Albert Cuypmarkt.

See & Do

  • Mike’s Bike Tour – City Tour(3 hours): Bicycles are the most genuine way to truly experience the “real” Amsterdam–walking around will give you one perspective of the city, but riding through it on bicycle will allow you to see it the way locals do on two wheels. We had a good experience with Mike’s Bike Tour in Munich so we decided to try it out in Amsterdam. It’s a good way to get an overview of all the city has to offer. We stopped at a nice little pub at the end to celebrate our three hour trip with an ice cold beer. €21 per person. Rating: 5/5

Mike's Bike Tour in Amsterdam

  • Albert Cuypmarkt: The largest street market in Amsterdam, with many ethnic offerings encompassing food, vegetables, clothing, electronics, and so on. Freshly made stroopwafels are available here. This is a great place to spend a few hours in the afternoon just wandering around and exploring. Rating: 4/5

Albert Cuypmarkt in Amsterdam

Eat & “Drink”

  • Stach: A hidden gem in the Kerkstraat neighborhood, serves deliciously fresh sandwiches and other assorted organic-styled goods. The food here is seriously cheap (about 3 to 3.50 EUR per sandwich) and amazing. Rating: 5/5
  • Cafe Bern: This cafe/bar is famous for its Swiss style fondue. The meal for two comes with unlimited bread and a plate of uncooked meat with pesto sauce on the side. Cook to your liking and dip in the cheese–beer sold separately. Rating: 4/5
  • The Jolly Joker: Styled like an English pub, this two-level coffeeshop is serviced by a friendly “bartender” with plenty of indica/sativa options, as well as “space” muffins for sale. The large windows overlooking Nieuwmarket Square are great for people watching. Rating: 5/5


  • The Artist’s House: The real dark horse of our trip was the apartment we stayed in right off Nieuwmarket Square. We didn’t really know what to expect after our hostel stay, but this place was just perfect in every way and the owners so friendly that this would be our top choice in the future. Rating: 5/5


Visit Date

  • 04/16/2013

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