Amsterdam – Vondelpark – Rijksmuseum – Anne Frank’s House – Rijsttafel

Garden in Vondel Park Amsterdam

We took a morning stroll in the most popular urban park of the city, Vondelpark. Kids riding scooters and ducks swimming in the lake provided quite a drastic contrast from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Afterwards, we immersed ourselves in the cultural part of Amsterdam by heading over to the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank’s House.

See & Do

  • Vondelpark: Amsterdam’s “Central Park”, a fairly large urban oasis that’s not quite in the central area of Amsterdam, but fairly close to the Museum plaza. A nice place to take a walk during good weather. Rating: 4/5

Vondelpark Amsterdam

  • Museumplein: Literally meaning “Museum Plaza”, you can see that the Dutch are generally straightforward when it comes to naming things–a large plaza just south of the world famous Rijksmuseum. Rating: 4/5
  • Rijksmuseum: The national museum of the Netherlands, it recently reopened as of April 2013 after ten years of renovation (so we were among the first visitors to the newly opened museum), it contains over 8000 objects of art and history from around the world. Admission is €15. Rating: 4/5

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

  • Anne Frank’s House: A somber reminder of the tough oppression faced by a young Jewish girl during World War II–here, you can see the actual conditions that Anne and her family had to live in to prevent their capture and internment in a concentration camp. This museum is open late, so it’s best to come later in the day to avoid large crowds to allow time for introspection without being bumped into/rushed through. Admission is €9. Rating: 5/5

Eat & “Drink”

  • Stroopwaffles in Museumplein: A waffle sandwich made fresh with a hot caramel filling, a true Dutch specialty. Enough said. € 2.50 per stroopwaffle. Rating: 5/5

Stroopwaffles in Museumplein

  • Long Pura: With a long history of Dutch imperialism in Indonesia, we felt we had to try out some Dutch-Indonesian cuisine. Rijsttafel (Rice Table) is a prix fixe meal for 25EUR per person with a whole bunch of small side dishes with spiced meat, satays, vegetables, etc served with rice. Delicious. Rating: 5/5

Rijsttafel in Long Pura

  • Coffeeshop Tweedy: Nothing notably special about this place besides its location next to Vondelpark. Around € 6 per “cup of coffee”. Rating: 3/5


  • The Artist’s House: The real dark horse of our trip was the apartment we stayed in right off Nieuwmarket Square. We didn’t really know what to expect after our hostel stay, but this place was just perfect in every way and the owners so friendly that this would be our top choice in the future. Rating: 5/5

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