Biking Rallarvegen-Myrdal to Flam-Otternes Bygdetun

Rallarvegen Biking into aweseomness

We took a train over to Myrdal, grabbed two bikes, and headed on our way to ride on the Rallervegen. We rode alongside beautiful waterfalls, rainbows, and goats. After we reached Flam and had lunch at Aegir Brewery, we continued on the bike path for a few more kilometers and visited the historic village of Otternes, where we enjoyed some ice cream. We then headed back to Flam where we dropped our bikes off and took a bus back to Voss.

See & Do

  • Biking Rallarvegen: Rallarvegen is one of the most famous cycling roads in Norway, the full length of which runs about 82km. One of the most popular segments is from Myrdal to Flam, a 22km stretch where you can get a bike at Myrdal station and drop it off at Flam station. You will ride through some unforgettable valleys away from the bustle of the tourist track. The first 1-2km is pretty tough as it’s a steep downhill through switchbacks. Don’t feel too bad if you need to walk it down. After that, it’s a pretty flat ride through the kind of scenery you’d only expect to read about in a fairytale–beautiful waterfalls, herds of goats, and finally the beautiful fjord.

Rallarvegen Beginning of the trail Rallarvegen Goats Rallarvegan Farmhouse Rallarvegen Another Waterfull Rallarvegen Rainbow Rallarvegen Waterfall

  • Otternes Bygdetun: A small historic farm village that is located on top of a hill adjacent to the beautiful Sognefjord. We were ready for a bit more biking once we reached Flam at the end of the Rallarvegan trail and decided to check out Otternes, about 4-5 km past Flam (with a separate bike trail). The only catch here is that the only way up to the village is up an extremely steep road. We had to walk our bikes up (in retrospect, we probably should have just left the bikes at the bottom of the hill). Once we got up, we didn’t really know what to expect, but it’s a full fledged historic village that you can wander around and into the houses to see how people lived during simpler times. There’s also a restaurant/cafe — if you want a proper meal you’ll have to make reservations ahead of time, but if you’re just looking for a coffee and light snack you can pop right in.

Otternes Bygdetun

Otternes Bygdetun Farmhouse with a view Otternes Bygdetun farmhouse


Eat & Drink

  • Cafe Rallaren: Cafe at Myrdal Station (only train and bike access at this point — no cars). This is where we rented the bike. We made a reservation ahead of time by emailing, but it probably wasn’t even necessary as there were tons of bikes available. We came on a weekday so your mileage may vary on weekends and/or holidays.  We also grabbed some freshly baked muffins as a snack to go. 275 NOK for a full-day bike rental
  • Otternes Anno 1700: Nice little cafe in Otternes village. If you want a full meal you will need to make a reservation ahead of time; which we hadn’t done, but we were still able to order coffee & pancake(70 NOK), organic rhubarb juice(40 NOK), and locally made ice cream (65 NOK, the cream came fresh from a nearby village in the Sognefjord valley).

Otternes Bygdetun Rhubarb Juice

Otternes Bygdetun Ice Cream

  • Aegir Bryggeri: We liked it so much that we came back for another meal!


  • Fleischer’s Hotel: The exterior of this hotel has a distinctly Bavarian look — Fleischer’s hotel is located in the sleepy city of Voss right by the bike lake and the main train station. This is a convenient resting point between Myrdal and Bergen. While it was a bit expensive, the rooms were comfortable and the location was great.

Visit Date

  • 08/04/2015


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