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Lake Bled

Upon arrival, we were amazed by how peaceful and pretty Lake Bled is. We hiked the hills of Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica to get a good view of Lake Bled despite hearing a thunderstorm approaching. We enjoyed Bled Cake by the lake while waiting for the sudden rain to stop and continued our journey to Bled Castle.

See & Do

  • Lake Bled: Lake Bled is a small lake that is about 1 hour north of Ljubljana. While the lake itself is not that large, it’s truly remarkable how much this area feels like you’re walking around in a fairy tale because of the surrounding mountain area, the pure blueness of the water, the castle overlooking the lake, and of course the trademark Church Island. The walk around the lake is well paved and only takes around 30-45 minutes at a relaxed pace with plenty to do along the way (biking, hiking, boating, eating, drinking, etc…). There’s even a small downtown area on the eastern end of the lake for your shopping needs. Rating: 5/5

Rowing Boat in front of Church Island

Lake Bled Garden

  • Ojstrica and Mala Hike: Ever see postcards of Lake Bled and wonder where the pictures were taken? Well, this is the hike you need to do to get those postcard-perfect views! Mala Osojnica is a relatively easy jaunt up a hill where you emerge on an amazing view of the lake. It’s so amazing that pictures don’t even do it justice, you need to see it for yourself! You can keep hiking up to an even better viewpoint at Mala Ojstrica which is a bit higher, but when we went, the hike was blocked by a bunch of fallen trees so we couldn’t get to the top. There’s always next time! Rating: 5/5
View from Mala Osojnica

View from Mala Osojnica

Top of Mala Osojnica

Nice British couple who advised us about the temporarily closed hike

Another View from Mala Osojnica

  • Church Island: This is the island in the middle of the lake which contains the Church of the Assumption. Legend has it that a husband who carries his newly-wedded wife up the stairs is guaranteed a happy marriage. You can either row yourself or take the pletna (a large gondola) over. We couldn’t make it over–due to rain and lightning in the area at the time of our visit we decided the middle of a lake is probably not the smartest place to be–but we still got great views of the island from nearby. Rating: 5/5

Church Island

  • Bled Castle: Majestically perched atop a cliff overlooking the lake, there’s a path leading up to enter the castle. Unless you’re seriously into medieval history, you can probably skip the interior of the castle, but don’t miss out on the great views offered on a small sort of hidden trail right behind the castle (it starts near the motorcycle parking sign right under the castle in the parking lot) where you’ll get an amazing panoramic view of the lake and nearby towns and mountains. Rating: 5/5
Bled Castle

Bled Castle

View from hidden trail behind Bled Castle

View from hidden trail behind Bled Castle

Eat & Drink

  • Cafe at Penzion Zaka: Cheap beer, coffee, and Bled cake! We stumbled upon this place after hiking up Osojnica and saw the clouds overhead getting closer. Laska Toceno (Draft Beer) for €2.50, Kava(Coffee) €1, Cappucino €1.40. Bled cake is a fluffy, creamy cake that’s only available for sale in this region, so don’t miss out on it. After a few sips of beer, the downpour began and the place went from relatively empty to full as everybody waited out the storm. The good news is that rain usually passes by quickly here–we were only trapped for about 45 minutes before sunshine broke out (and fortunately, no more rain for the rest of the day). Rating: 5/5

Cafe near Lake Bled

Lasko Beer and Cappucino near Lake Bled

Bled Cake

Bled Cake

  • Vila Preseren: After a bit of walking around the lake and visiting the castle, we decided to grab a snack and stopped by Vila Preseren–right on the river, close to the downtown area of Lake Bled. To be honest, the food was just mediocre and the beer much pricier than other places, so I’d recommend skipping it. Union Bottled Beer €3.60. Thunfish Bruscetta  €6.30. Rating: 4/5
Thunfish Bruscetta

Thunfish Bruscetta

  • Peglz’n: Ate truffle mushroom pasta (lots of truffles throughout our trip), John Dory fish from Croatia, and washed it all down with Slovenian and Austrian beer (I’ll allow it–we’re only 20 minutes from Austria). Made some room in our stomachs for a berry strudel dessert. Rating: 5/5

Truffle Cream Pasta at  Peglez'n

John Dory Fish at Peglez'n

Berry Strudel at Peglez'n

Berry Strudel


  • Modern Apartment near Lake Bled: This place is only a 5 minute walk from the lake, but due to some construction in the area it was a long drive around to bypass the construction. However, due to all that, it ended up really adding to the charm of this neighborhood–Slovenia is generally a very modern country, but dirt roads and no cars around (due to re-paving after a particularly harsh winter) and farm animals audible in the background really made it feel like we had taken a step back by a few hundred years. Then again, the wifi, TV, and warm shower in the apartment snapped us back to reality pretty quickly. Watch out for mosquitos near the lake around sunset, there are so many of them! Rating: 5/5


Visit Date

  • 06/03/2014

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