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We visited Vintgar Gorge the next day in Bled and witnessed buses of senior citizens at the site given that Vintgar Gorge is a fairly easy walk. Then we decided to take on a more strenuous activity by hiking the Vogar Alpine Meadow, which rewarded us with a fabulous view of Lake Bohinj.

See & Do

  • Vintgar Gorge: Nice ~2km walk that’s located approximately 5km north of Lake Bled. You’ll walk through the surrounding Hom and Bort hills along the streams and waterfalls. At the end you’ll be treated to a grand view of the Sum waterfall–make sure you go down the stairs when you hit the end and walk through the parking lot to get an even better view of the waterfall from below! Entrance fee is 4 euros, and I would like to emphasize that this is a walk, not a hike–it’s flat for the entire trip, and as a consequence of that, you may end up stuck behind a particularly slow group. We saw some motorcyclists here who came all the way from the UK–definitely inspired us for a cross-Euro motorcycle trip one day. Rating: 4/5

Vintgar Gorge

Rainbow at Vintgar Gorge-

Blue colored water at Vintgar Gorge

  • Vogar Alpine Meadow Hiking Trail: A hike that promises a great view of the surrounding Triglavski National Park and Lake Bohinj–people that we spoke to as well as websites online promised that this would be an easy jaunt up, but I’d like to emphasize how woefully under-prepared we were for this hike. The elevation gain is approximately 530m (1800ft), which doesn’t seem so bad on paper, but you need to realize that this hike is literally just a switchback that goes straight uphill the entire time for about 60-90 minutes. We brought only 1 liter of water for the two of us when we needed at least triple that for the hot weather. Fortunately, we didn’t give up, and came upon a flowing water fountain at the top that saved us. Not to dissuade anyone from going–the view of Lake Bohinj at the top was excellent, definitely worth the effort, and I think that it probably wouldn’t have been as difficult if we knew what we were getting into beforehand. Bring plenty of water (at least 1L per person)! Rating: 5/5

Beginning of Vogar Alpine Meadow

Cows resting at the begining of the Vogar alpine meadow trail

Vogar Alpine Meadow Hiking Trail

This is just the beginning…..

Closed KOM near the top of Vogar Alpine Meadow Trail

View at Vogar Alpine Meadow Trail

View at the top of Vogar Alpine Meadow Trail

  • Lake Bohinj: The largest lake in Triglav national park, this is the gateway to all that the park has to offer. It’s much larger than Lake Bled, but somehow lacks that fairy-tale feeling. Not to say it isn’t nice–this is the starting point for any outdoor activity imaginable in Triglav. Rating: 5/5

Lake Bohinj

Boats at Lake Bohinj

Eat & Drink

  • Magusar Bakery: Got lots of recommendations to try out this bakery, which seems to be only accessible by car (~5-10 minute drive from Lake Bled). Tried out the Sirov(Cheese) Burek €2 and Mesni(Minced Meat) Burek €2.10. Soft bread stuffed with bread/cheese, a great snack to re-energize you after a long hike. Rating: 5/5


  • Cafe @ Pod Skalco: We just randomly picked this place to eat after hiking the Vogar hike while driving around Lake Bohinj. It’s nice enough, but somehow we ended up randomly ordering the Marlenka (Honey Cake) €3, and even though the picture didn’t look too impressive on the menu, it ended up being the best dessert we had on the entire trip with just the perfect balance of bread, sweetness, and fluffiness. Oh yeah, and the honey was made locally and was just delicious. Washed it down with some Kava (Coffee) €1.10 and Cappuccino €1.40. Rating: 5/5
Marlenka Honey Cake

Honey Cake(Marlenka)-Do not judge a book by its cover, it actually tastes really good

  • Pizzeria Rustika: Local pizzeria that had good reviews. Bit of a hike from our apartment, especially with the mosquitos out at full force around sunset time. We tried out the Bled Pizza (€6.30), Dharma Pizza (€6.90), and washed it down with a 0.5L Draft Beer (€2.80). Rating: 4/5

Mushroom Pizza at Pizzeria

  • Gostilnica Pletna: Small bar near our apartment in Bled–drank some Human Fish Pale Ale 0.5L €3.30. Named after the Human Fish that’s indigenous to Slovenia’s caves, this is a local microbrew that you won’t be able to find anywhere outside of this region. Very tasty beer that can easily compete with the best microbrews out there in the world. Rating: 4/5


  • Modern Apartment near Lake Bled: This place is only a 5 minute walk from the lake, but due to some construction in the area it was a long drive around to bypass the construction. However, due to all that, it ended up really adding to the charm of this neighborhood–Slovenia is generally a very modern country, but dirt roads and no cars around (due to re-paving after a particularly harsh winter) and farm animals audible in the background really made it feel like we had taken a step back by a few hundred years. Then again, the wifi, TV, and warm shower in the apartment snapped us back to reality pretty quickly. Watch out for mosquitos near the lake around sunset, there are so many of them! Rating: 5/5


Visit Date

  • 06/04/2014

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