Alaska-Kenai Fjords Tour

Another view of glacier Kenai Fjords Tour

Glaciers a shade of blue that you can only imagine in your dreams, whales the size of small houses, seals chilling out on the rocks, and crisp, delicious craft beer brewed with glacial water. This is the life–almost makes you want to quit your job and live out in the wilderness near the Kenai Fjords. But then you come to your senses and realize that maybe the Alaska of the warm months is not the same as the Alaska of winter. 

See & Do

  • Kenai Fjords Tour: We are not usually huge fans of guided tours, but most of Kenai Fjords national park is inaccessible by road and has to be visited by either boat or plane. After reading up online, we decided to go with Kenai Fjords Tours on their 6 hour day cruise up to see glaciers close up as well as the local marine wildlife. This cruise ended up being well worth it, as we saw an abundance of whales, sea otters, birds, dolphins, etc, in addition to getting up close and personal with the Harding Ice Field and Holgate Glacier. The boat cut its engine next to the glacier and we just sat there for a while listening to the sounds it produced and feeling the glacial wind on our face, which was the first time we had ever experienced anything like that. Throughout the trip as we were going and coming, we kept seeing huge killer whales breaching the water (they are gigantic!). The captain of the ship explained that the whales go back and forth from Alaska to Hawaii (Hawaii is where they mate, then they swim up to Alaska as the weather gets warmer). We had just visited Hawaii 2 weeks before this and were disappointed at the lack of whales in all the whale watching spots–now with all the whales around us in Alaska, it suddenly made a lot more sense. Rating: 4/5

Cruise Departing from Seward Kenai Fjords Tour Kenai Fjords Tour Cruise Insdie Kenai Fjords Tour Cruise Rock on Kenai Fjords Tour Seals on Kenai Fjords Tour Whale on Kenai Fjords Tour

Kenai Fjords Tour Glacier

Eat  Drink

  • Sea Bean: A nice place to relax and have some good coffee along with decent pastries. Seemed like everybody knew everybody else here, from the baristas to the clientele. Rating: 5/5
  • Christo’s Palace: We had some pizza and some seafood here. An odd combination for sure, but this place seems to serve everything (or at the very least, every place in Alaska seems to serve seafood). Pizza was pretty good, although a bit on the pricy side just like everything else. Rating: 3/5
  • Brewing Company Seward: This place seemed like it was brand new, or at the very least went through some recent renovations as it was sparkling clean inside. Had a few pints of local beer which were great–we suspect it’s the ultra high quality water. What’s nice is that this place is located downtown so we could walk back to the hotel a little buzzed without having to worry about Rating: 5/5


  • Hotel Seward: We stayed in the Historic Wing, which had somewhat small rooms, but was overall fairly reasonable. A bit expensive for what we got, but the location in downtown Seward was excellent as we were able to check out all the local bars/breweries to drink the famous Alaskan-brewed beer without having to worry about driving back. Rating: 3/5

 Visit Date

  • 05/24/2013

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