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Old Town Day 1

Like most tourists, we walked around the Old Town after we first arrived in Ljubljana. We wandered around the Preseren Square and bought some local fruits from the market in Vodnik Square. We had several different cuisines of small plates for lunch from the open market(Odprta kuhna) in Pogačarjev trg square. We ended the night in the self-governed social center of Metelkova.

See & Do

  • Preseren Square: Preseren Square (Presernov trg) is the central square of Ljubljana and the location of the famous Triple Bridge. There was always something going on here whenever we passed by. Some of the many interesting things we saw here were a science festival, a few bachelor parties acting crazy, a tightrope set up to ride a bike across the canal, and free beer from Union delivered on horseback! You can’t go wrong lounging around here if you’re looking for something interesting to do.

Preseren Square

  • Old Town: There is a pedestrian street that extends through much of old town starting at Vodnikov trg. It has much of the charm and feel that you’ll find in a lot of European old towns with classic architecture and cobblestone roads, but not as much of the crowd. While there are still plenty of tourist traps around as in any major city center, there are plenty of decent, authentic places to eat, and this is a great place to get some Slovenian souvenirs to bring home.

Old Town Street Performer Old Town

  • River Ljubljanica Kanal: This canal splits the old town from the “new town”. A paved path exists along the entire way, which makes for a relaxing stroll if the weather is good. Grab a scoop or two of gelato sold on the canal from Cacao (See below in Eat & Drink).

River Ljubljanica Kanal 2 River Ljubljanica Kanal

  • Vodnik Square: This is the farthest spot that cars are allowed before hitting the pedestrian-only old town. There is a farmers market here every day where you can buy fresh produce from all around the region.

Vodnik Square Vegetables Vodnik Square Currants

  • Metelkova: A walled off compound located inside the Ljubljana city limits, this is a squatted location that is home to the punks of Slovenia. There is tons of graffiti, tons of bars, and performance space for all types of people. If you wander in at night you’ll notice a young crowd spread out drinking and socializing throughout the Metelkova compound. There was a performance going on at Hostel Celica which we were able to check out for a little while in the cool summer evening weather.

Eat & Drink

  • Odprta kuhna(Open Kitchen Food Market): An open market held in Pogačarjev trg square in the old town every Friday from March to October, you can go around and try out different types of Slovenian and other international dishes. We were able to try all types of snacks from different regions of Slovenia such as sausages, pasta, dumplings, and mixed pancakes for dessert. Grab a local craft beer or local wine and go sit in the shade by the steps of the church behind the market to enjoy your meal. 

Rolls Odprta kuhna making dessert Odprta kuhna dessert Odprta kuhna dumplings Odprta kuhna Truffled Eggs

  • Daktari: Small little open bar just opposite to Vodnikov trg. This is where we met a Ljubljana local-Luka, who enthusiastically showed us all the awesome things to eat and do in Ljubljana. Enjoyed some human-fish beer while sitting outside.
  • Das ist Valter: Strongly recommended by Luka.  €4.60 for Pol/pol(a platter of cevapi and klobase(sausage)). Make sure to order Kajmak(buttered cheese €1.50) to go along with it. Super-cheap for a meal so don’t be shy in ordering a little extra, especially if you’re hungry.


  • Cacao: Famous gelato right at the canal–open late and always a long line on summer days.
  • Pivoteka za popen’t: Craft beer shop in old town–it has any and all of the local beers that you might be interested in as well as a bunch of regional craft beers, i.e. from Austria, Germany, and Hungary. Worth checking out if you’re getting tired of drinking Lasko and Union beer and want to try something a bit more unique. They are not open late, so make sure you go early.


  • Apartment in Old Town: Can’t beat this location just a 5 minute walk from Vodnikov trg and right in the middle of the city. The host was very responsive and even arranged transportation for us back to the airport. The apartment itself was clean and fairly large for European standards.


  • Markun Shuttle: €9 one way trip per person from the airport to the city. We took it after dropping our rental car off at the airport. You tell the driver your destination and he will make a stop there–very simple and reasonably priced.

Visit Dates

  • 06/06/2014 – 06/07/2014

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