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We are two avid world-travelers living in New York City. We created this website because we love traveling and we want to share our itineraries with the world to give people a bit of a personal touch to the many tourist guides available online, as well as showcase the things we found personally interesting. What we enjoy doing is eating local food, drinking regional drinks, and wandering around the parts of the city where people actually live rather than heading straight to the tourist district (living in New York, we’re totally burned out by the Times Square-esque attractions around the world). Our hope is that you might get some ideas about what to do (of course, we’re not saying you should follow our itinerary verbatim, feel free to pick and choose, or completely ignore it all!) as well as an approximate budget for what we spent. We split up each city we visited into a See&Do and Eat&Drink section detailing what we did and what we thought about it. We hope you find this site useful, and feel free to contact us or leave a comment!

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Wombat # 1

  • Avid traveler
  • Full-time Java developer
  • Fantasizes about owning a food truck one day







Wombat #2

  • Avid traveler
  • Full-time python developer
  • Fantasizes about brewing his own beer one day







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