West Palm Beach-Peanut Island-MacArthur Beach State Park-Ocean Blvd

West Palm Beach-Beach @ MacArthur Beach State Park

West Palm Beach is a quiet beach town with pristine beaches and snowbirds. Peanut Island was our favorite spot to snorkel with its calm waves. It is well worth a 10-minute boat trip to spend your day on this island.

See & Do

  • Peanut Island Park: We hopped on Captain Joe’s ferry and took a short ride over to Peanut Island from West Palm Beach. The trip is 10 bucks and only takes a few minutes to get there. We got here a bit late in the afternoon so we only had time to snorkel for about an hour before we had to head out. Peanut Island has some great snorkeling at high tide, with a small little cove that has relatively still water where we saw plenty of colorful tropical fish. Unfortunately, Captain Joe recommended that we leave early due to “weather” coming in.
  • MacArthur Beach State Park: Nice beachside park where you can kayak and/or snorkel (of which we unfortunately did neither as we had to fly out later that day). The visitors center is pretty nice, and they have an actual turtle there (doesn’t count as an actual turtle sighting though). There is a cool bridge that extends over the inlet and over to the beach which has great views, plus some walking trails near the visitors center where you might get lucky and run into some snakes and other tropical wildlife.
West Palm Beach-Nature tail @MacArthur Beach State Park

Can you find the snake in this picture?

West Palm Beach-MacArthur Beach State Park

  • Beach near Ocean Blvd: Fancy beach lined with condos along the water. Pretty close to the airport too, we were able to kill an hour or so by walking along the water right before we had to head to the airport to catch our flight. Looks like people were enjoying themselves on the beach and in the water.

West Palm Beach-Ocean Blvd Sailboat West Palm Beach-Ocean Blvd

Eat & Drink

  • Malakor Thai Cafe: Pretty good Thai food. They have an outdoor tiki-themed seating if you prefer but it was a bit chilly and rainy the evening we stopped by.
  • Manzo’s Italian Deli: Really gives some credibility to the theory that Florida sometimes feels like New York/New Jersey with hot weather and palm trees. Manzo’s Italian Deli is a classic New York Italian sandwich shop (if not a bit spacious), with deli food such as eggplant parm/NY cheesecake/etc, as well as classic New York City service. This is more of a “Whaddaya want” kind of place rather than a “What can I get for you today, sir?” type of establishment–made us feel right at home.


  • Best Western Palm Beach: Pretty standard issue Best Western, nothing at all to complain about–if anything, it was above average. Clean, cheap, and convenient location. The lobby is actually insanely huge and elaborate for a Best Western which was kind of a nice surprise when we got there. Huge shopping complex with a Whole Foods, Starbucks, and quite a few other shops right across the street which is nice if that’s your thing (not gonna lie, we did do a bit of shopping there ourselves).

Visit Dates

  • 01/03/2016-01/04/2016

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